I Want The Sun

I Want The Sun


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Gönderen : Zeynep Şule Evren

I Want The Sun

I want the sun




It is a hot, sunny day . Ali and his mother are in the kitchen. Ali is playing with his toy train. His mother is washing the dishes. Ali is a curious boy. He asks his mother a lot of questions. His mother answers the questions patiently.



“Mommy! I can see the sun now. But why can’t I see it at night?” Ali asks his mother.

“Where does it go at night?”

“The sun goes to the other side of the world at night,” his mother answers.

“But I want the sun to stay with us,”says Ali. “ Please mom! Tell it not to go.”


There is a smile on Ali’s mother’s face.

“OK. My dear son. I will tell the sun not to leave us,” Ali’s mother says.

“Thank you mom. I love you. I like the sun,”  Ali says happily.

After some time, Ali changes his mind and comes to his mother.

“Mom! Don’t tell the sun anything. I will talk with the sun myself,” Ali says.

“Good idea. You talk to it,” his mother replies.


The next morning, Ali is vey excited. Because he is going to speak to the sun.

He is having breakfast in the kitchen. The sun is shining in the sky. Ali finishes his breakfast and runs to the balcony because he can see the sun very well on the balcony. Ali is very close to the sun now.


“Hello sun!” Ali greets the sun. “You are very bright as usual. I like you. Please don’t leave me, don’t go anywhere at night.”

The sun doesn’t say anything, but it seems very happy with Ali’s words.    “Mom! It is all right.  The sun will stay with us. It won’t go anywhere,” Ali tells his mother. Ali’s mother is smiling at Ali.


“Look my sweet boy. There are a lot of children on the other side of the world,”explains Ali’s mother. “It is night there. The children are sleeping now because the sun is with us. When it is night here, the sun is visiting the other children. They like the sun, too.”

“You are right mom. I must share everything with my friends,” Ali says. “I must share my toy train, and the sun. All the children are my friends. The sun is my friend, too.”


Ali runs to the balcony.

“Hey sun!” he calls out to the sun. “You shouldn’t stay with us at night. Visit my friends on the other side of the world. Give my greetings to them. I like you and my friends like you too.”




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