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I Want The Sun

It is a hot, sunny day . Ali and his mother are in the kitchen. Ali is playing with his toy train. His mother is washing the dishes. Ali is a curious boy. He asks his mother a lot of questions. His mother answers the questions patiently.

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Puss in Boots

masalı indir | TÜRKÇE dinle! | Kitabı Satın Al! Puss in Boots There was once an old miller who had three sons. When he died, he left them everything he had. Simon, the eldest son, inherited the flour mill, Alex got a donkey and Jack, the youngest, got a cat. Simon soon set to work [...]

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Rapunzel (English)

  masalı indir | TÜRKÇE dinle! | Kitabı Satın Al! Rapunzel There once lived a couple who longed to have a child. Finally, their wish came true. As the wife waited for the child to be born, she sometimes stared out the window at the garden next door. In it grew some delicious-looking rapunzel lettuce. [...]

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masalı indir | TÜRKÇE dinle! | Kitabı Satın Al! Cinderella Once upon a time a lovely girl called Cinderella lived with her stepmother land two proud land ugly stepsisters. They made her work hard all day, and in the evening she had to sit among the cinders. One day the king’s son gave a Ball [...]

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